I have to say, the afternoon tea at The Dreamery Gardens was simply exquisite.  I know, I am opening with a strong statement, but seriously, just look at these beautiful photographs! 

We explored the faery gardens first and you can see that review here entry to the gardens are free with your afternoon tea.

The cafe at The Dreamery Gardens is as beautifully decorated as the rest of the gardens.  The walls are decorated with ethereal artwork and the ceiling is strewn with cherry blossom.

When our afternoon tea was brought, everyone in the cafe looked at us with envy – and quite frankly, I would have been the same.  The afternoon tea is fabulously themed.  I have been lucky enough to try lots of marvellous afternoon teas in my time, and for theming I have never seen anything better.

The whole thing was served on a woodland themed stand, intertwined with silken greenery and fairy lights. 

The savoury course consisted of finger sandwiches of smoked salmon and champagne pate, roast ham and conchicons and cucumber with a lemon and juniper glaze.

Every flavour was fabulous (obviously I didn’t try the salmon, you know how I feel about seafood!  But my family loved them!)

It wasn’t just sandwiches on a plate though, even these were themed!  There were twiglets, looking, funnily enough, like real twigs and crunchy crostini.

The next course up was my favourite, with cakes and petit four.  Just look at these mushrooms, how realistic do they look?  They are made of meringue – yes meringue! 

There were red topped muffin toadstools, chocolates and fabulous birds nests with chocolate eggs inside.  (You could even eat the nest – made from chocolate covered vermicelli). 

Around the plate there was scattered crumbled chocolate cake to give the impression of a forest floor.

Finally there were scones, jam and cream.  Just look at the cute rosebuds in the dishes and the marshmallow topped with a strawberry making another toadstool!

They also have vegan and vegetarian options.


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