Looking for the Best Sushi in York?  Have a look at our list of restaurants that do great sushi whether you are craving sashimi, nigiri, chirashi or a California roll!  Also have a look at our post on Japanese Restaurants in York.


Ippuku Tea House

15 Blake Street, York YO1 8QJ

Ippuku Tea House “offer modern but still authentic Japanese style food, tea and drinks that represent ideals of the Japanese life-style using only high quality Japanese products and produce currently trending in Japan.”  They serve a vegetable or salmon sushi bowl (Sushi rice topped with edamame, half an avocado and smoked salmon or a seasonal vegetable side, pickles and salad.)


Ipfu Sushi

14 George Hudson Street, York YO1 6LP

Ipfu Sushi has recently changed its name from Sushi Waka.  The website defaults to the menu in Japanese, which says to me that this restaurant is catering to the large number of Japanese visitors we receive.  I’d say that it does not get more authentic than that!  If you want sushi like it’s served in Japan, then this looks ideal.  Their best selling dishes include Salmon Sashimi Dom and Sizzling Squid with BBQ Sauce.


Yo! Sushi York

15-17 Church St, York YO1 8BE

Yo! Sushi are a slick chain sushi restaurant with dine in and takeaway options.  You can choose from classic sushi dishes like a Dragon Roll, Dynamite Roll or Salmon Maki or Sashimi.  You could also go for Takoyaki or a Yasai Roll.


Panda Mami – all-you-can-eat sushi

19 Bridge St, York YO1 6DA

Panda Mami is an all-you-can-eat restaurant tucked away just off Ouse Bridge.  They have all sorts of food stations, including a sushi bar.   They have other sections, like a traditional carvery, Chinese food, Indian Food and a huge dessert selection, including a chocolate fountain.  You can help yourself from the buffet or approach one of the live cooking stations and be catered for.


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