It’s no secret that I love to meet up with friends and indulge in a bottomless brunch. We have tried more than your average person, shall we say! It’s just such a fun thing to do and generally does not cost anymore than the price of a (slightly more expensive than usual!) lunch. In fact, depending on how many drinks you *may* drink, it’s excellent value!  So, when we were asked to try out the Tomahawk bottomless brunch we jumped at the chance.

bottomless brunch tomahawk

The Tomahawk Steakhouse offering is particularly good. They have an excellent selection of drinks such as Stella, stout, Prosecco, Aperol Spritz, Pornstar Martini (do not drink on an empty stomach, I once did and my soul left my body!), Espresso Martini (see my warning further down on that one!), French Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri.  

More than the fabulous drinks offering though, is the fact that the food at Tomahawk is so good and is the only bottomless brunch I know of in York that includes a steak as your meal.  And a very good steak it was too! I swapped my fries for triple cooked chips and I wholeheartedly recommend you do the same!

One of my friends ordered the Parmo which came with a simply magnificent amount of cheese (you know I don’t like to be shortchanged on the cheese front!).

My other friend ordered the beef burger. You could also order a chicken burger. You can imagine though, that at Tomahawk the burgers are going to be excellent.

The Tomahawk bottomless brunch is only available on a Saturday between 11.45am and 4pm. It lasts 90 minutes and your last drink is ordered 15 minutes before the end of your time.  You can order one main course, but then have as many drinks as you would like (you must finish your drink before ordering another) but the staff were on the ball and kept the drinks flowing!

We attempted to try all of the drinks – just for the photos you understand! We managed to try everything except the stout.

If you are sensitive to caffeine like me, do not, I repeat DO NOT have the Espresso Martini. If you are not sensitive to caffeine, then have it. It was delicious but I was awake all night and cursing my life choices!

Tomahawk is a beautiful restaurant with lots of smaller rooms for a very cosy vibe. The service is always excellent there too. If a bottomless brunch is not your thing then do keep an eye out for their Restaurant week deals. They often do three courses for £20 and it’s really brilliant value.

Some photos of the restaurant itself.

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