This week we went along to try out Vallado Lounge at Vangarde.  It’s in the huge corner space in the same block as Hollywood Bowl and Cineworld, that (I believe) was originally earmarked for TGI Fridays until covid put an end to it.  So, I think it is fabulous that we now have something there rather than it looking a bit forlorn and derelict!

So, what is Vallado Lounge?  If you have been to the Cosy Club on Fossgate it will feel familiar to you as it’s the same company and has a very similar vibe.*  It’s a café/bar/restaurant.  I reckon it will feel different depending on what time you visit.  We went along for lunch and it definitely felt more café/coffee shop.  I think Starbucks will lose any sit-in custom to them as it’s a much nicer environment to sit with a coffee than the Starbucks in Cineworld.

I have taken photos of the menus as well as any daily specials.  The menus on their own site don’t have any prices on them – but this might be because it’s so new and they might change this later on.  I always like to check the menu and prices before a visit to see if I fancy the food/can afford it!

We tried out the tapas menu (three dishes for £13.75).  We went for the sriracha and honey fried chicken wings, Korean king prawns with ssamjang, lime and sesame seeds, and a spicy beef quesadilla with mature cheddar and a spicy tomato dipping sauce.  They are tapas, so the portions are not huge. I thought the flavours were great though.

We also ordered the Lounge Triple Cheese fries, these came with a mozzarella and mascarpone sauce topped with mature cheddar.  Well, that’s what the description said anyway, but, and I can’t emphasize this enough – there was simply not enough cheese!!  Perhaps I am being overly harsh as the fries were just £4.30, but I would give these a swerve as an affront to cheese lovers everywhere.  I’d happily pay an extra couple of quid for them to stick half a block of Cathedral City on there!

Moving on from the food though, the place is very comfortable, spacious and airy.  There is a table with kids toys and board games, including Monopoly, Connect 4, Jenga and Guess Who?  I can imagine a few drinks and games with friends would be a lovely way to spend a wet afternoon!

What else do I have to tell you?  As you can see they have some nice outside seating which will be great in the summer.  Oh and they are dog friendly.

*is it ok to say ‘vibe’?  My teenagers say not, but they won’t read anything I have written, so…




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