Have you heard of The Dreamery Gardens?  They are ‘England’s Lost Faery Gardens’, in the woods not too far from Stamford Bridge.  They used to be known as Northwood too. It’s an incredible place to take children but it’s a gorgeous place to wander round without them too!

The Dreamery Gardens York Review

If you are looking for somewhere to stay near York then have a look at Jollydays, the glamping site that is next door to the Dreamery Gardens.  You could stay in the ethereal looking Queen Titania’s bower!

The trail through the woods really is magical with lots of things to see while you wander.   You will see troll bridges and pixie houses festooned with fairy lights. 

In fact, I would recommend going at twilight too as then it will be at its most magical (but not too dark as who knows what imps would be there to trip you up with tree roots!)

It’s so theatrical you will truly believe there are fairies around every corner (and I think there possibly might be!).  

There is a maze in the middle of the trail which is fun for younger ones.  You can let them go on ahead (and hopefully find them afterwards!).

I loved this fairy ring (I am not sure why the mysterious pink curve on the photo came from!).

Don’t miss the fabulous thrones in the fairy court!

The walk will take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how fast you are.  At the end there is a beautiful cafe where we tried the afternoon tea – I will be reviewing this separately but will link to it from here when it is written. (Spoiler, it was fabulous!).

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