This week we tried out a bit of a different style of afternoon tea at Revolution York. We picked a gloriously sunny day and sat out by the river. It was a lovely spot to watch the boats go up and down on the water. 

Afternoon Tea at Revolution York

The afternoon tea included a cocktail, and you could choose any that had the little red heart against their name. I think this was pretty much all the cocktails that were included in their 2 for 1 offer.

Rather than sandwiches the afternoon tea consisted of Cheeseburger Sliders:

Afternoon Tea at Revolution York

Crispy Fried Chicken

Mac’ n’ Cheese Bites

and Topped Tater Tots:

The sweets layer was somewhat more traditional with Chocolate Brownies

Strawberry Waffles


oh and sweet vodka shots!

Usually this comes in at £45 for two, but we paid £29 through the Wowcher website, which represents really good value at £14.50 each. The standard price for a cocktail at Revolution is around £11, so this means that £22 of the £29 voucher cost is for your cocktails. Throw in the vodka shots that come with the dessert course and this brings the cost of your food to pretty much zero – so free food! On the assumption that you would have ordered the drinks anyway of course!

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a cracking deal. On a sunny day there are few places better to sit beside the river with a cocktail and some tasty food in York!

You can buy the Wowcher here – we get a small commission if you do, but it doesn’t cost you any extra and you can see what a bargain it is from my photos!

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