Looking to call a York Taxi? List of Taxis in York  – We don’t have Uber or Lyft in York but we do have lots of reliable local taxi firms. There are various taxi stands in York, like the one outside York Station (lots of black cabs). Otherwise you can call for a taxi from the list below. 

764 Taxis in York

Roland Court, Huntington, York. YO32 9PW

764 don’t have a website, but do have a Facebook page, they give an idea of prices of airport runs on there.  Their number is memorable as it’s in their name (01904) 764764.

Fleetways Taxis

9-10 Queen Street, York, YO24 1AD

Fleetways Taxis has been trading in York since 1947.  They are based just round the corner from York station.  They have an app like Uber that you can use to call your cab and track where it is.  (01904) 365365.

York Taxi Number

Streamline, York Taxi

7 Cumberland Street, York YO1 9SW

Another old established York firm, Streamline Taxis have been in business since 1937.   You can book online, via an app or the old fashioned way through, using their telephone number: (01904) 656565.

Six Five Nine Taxis in York

39 Layerthorpe, York, YO31 7UZ

659 Taxis in York say they have the largest fleet of private hire vehicles in York. With over 15 years of experience and offering a host of services with 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8, seated vehicles.  They also have online booking, an app and a memorable taxi number: (01904) 659659.

York Station Taxis

The Portico, York Station, York, YO24 2AY

York Station Taxis, as the name suggests have their rank in the York Railway Station itself.  It’s easy to step off your train and then queue for a taxi.  (Tip: if you are on a London or Edinburgh train coming in, make sure you alight quickly to beat the queue, as it can be sizeable afterwards!).  They also have an app.  The taxi number is: (01904) 623332.








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