Yesterday we went along to the Old York Tea Room. A good friend of mine had recommended it a little while ago, but this is the first opportunity we have had to go.

The tea room is located on Goodramgate in a building that dates back to 1316. We were told, to put that in context, that the people living in that house at that time would have been able to watch the Minster being built!

Old York Tea Room Review

You might have seen on the news a little bit of controversy regarding the Old York Tea Room sign. In fact, there was even a one man protest last week against it! The following day there was a large protest objecting to the original protest because so many more people love the sign and feel it is in keeping with the building.

tea shop review york

Anyway, enough of that. I know you want to know what the food and drink were like and I can tell you now that they were marvellous. You only need to walk past and look in the window at the magnificent assortment of cakes to know that you’re going to be in for a good time.

Apologies for the main photo of the tea room – I was so enamoured with the cakes that I forgot to take a photo of the front of the building and this was one I took last Christmas!

The process, if you haven’t been before is that when you enter the door you order your food and drink at that point and then you go upstairs to the main seating area. One of the lovely owners will then bring your order and also tell you about the house and also answer any questions you might have. Both owners clearly love their tea room and love sharing their tea room with their guests.

Hubby and I each had a coffee and a handmade blondie. Both were delicious. It’s a lovely tea room and the owners really make you feel very welcome. Have a look at the photos I took of the menus and you will see what else they offer and what really reasonable prices they are.

Old York Tea Room menu

Old York Tea Room menu

I think it’s so important to support small, independent businesses like these where you can actually meet the owners and enjoy their hospitality.

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