Estabulo is a Brazilian Rodizio on the Vangarde Retail Park.  If you are not familiar with Rodizio, then read on!  We visited on a Monday lunchtime and it was very quiet, just us and one other table.  It was quite relaxed being so quiet, but I can imagine the atmosphere on an evening must have a wonderfully lively vibe.

Estabulo york review

The décor in the restaurant is very attractive.  I loved this decorated booth in the centre of the restaurant.  Mention it when you book if you’d like to bag it!

Estabulo york review

So – how does a rodizio work?  Well, it’s different depending on whether you visit at lunchtime or on an evening.  I’ll explain the procedure on a lunchtime first.  There is a huge salad and hot accompaniments bar in the centre of the restaurant.  At one time you would have been able to help yourself to unlimited amounts.  Now, you are given a list of everything – you tick what you would like and it’s brought to you.  You can always ask for more later too.

Estabulo york salad bar

Then, the main theatre of the meal begins! Various meats are brought and carved at the table.

Estabulo york review

On a lunchtime this includes a selection of eight meats – three different cuts of beef, chicken thighs, pork belly, pork sausage, gammon and lamb.  On an evening this increases to fifteen cuts of meat.

Estabulo york menu

You can try a bit of everything and can then request more of anything you would like.  The amounts are as generous as you would wish and you can carry on requesting more until you are full.

Estabulo york reviewI would definitely recommend Estabulo for a great meal with friends.


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  1. Christine Wilson Reply

    Was served by Rosa, Amelia & Camron today really attentive and really looked after us.

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