There are plenty of things to see and do in York, but sampling the walled city’s collection of street food stalls is definitely worth doing at some point. The city in northeast England that was founded by the ancient Romans has a selection of welcoming street food areas, while also offering a collection of restaurants that serve up some truly delicious grub.

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While sampling some delicious locally-rated establishments and rating various beer gardens is a way many people judge an area, street food is also right up there. In fact, for some people, if a city’s street food offering isn’t up to scratch, then it isn’t worth frequenting. York’s people know good food when they see it, too, with the city being filled with top restaurants, foodies regularly flock there to rate dishes, there are even some foreign delights to sample also, and a range of local ingredients to savour.


Street food can be seen to be fashionable, of course. Gordon Ramsay, for example, has opened dozens of casual restaurants like Street Pizza and Street Burger in London. The chef has created an empire on his brand, ranging from shows like The F-Word and Kitchen Nightmares, and even lending his image to popular slot games like Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, but his latest venture is aimed at capturing the authenticity of casual dining and street food. While Ramsay knows quality, there is little that can beat ‘organic’ street food hot spots, and York has plenty of them.



With food at the top of many peoples’ lists when visiting a new city, let’s assess some of York’s best street food in 2023.


Shambles Kitchen does the best sandwiches in the city


Don’t let the name put you off because Shambles Kitchen definitely knows what they’re doing. Also serving up a range of burritos alongside the amazing sandwiches they freshly prepare for you, this welcoming street food option is really tasty and doesn’t break the bank thanks to a reasonably priced menu on the whole. The pulled pork sandwiches are certainly at the top of many peoples’ lists, although pretty much everything on the menu is worth trying.


YUZU Street Food York shares delicious Asian grub


Sometimes, people are in the mood for Asian flavours. Fear not, YUZU Street Food York most definitely has you covered thanks to a selection of delightful dishes. From gyoza dumplings and Korean chicken wings, to katsu curry and bao buns, this particular option is a favourite spot for many people in the city. The prices are fairly reasonable too, particularly when factoring in the quality of the food that you’re being treated to.




Los Moros is a good option for vegans and vegetarians

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If you’re a non-meat eater or you’re simply trying to add more vegetables and plants to your diet, then Los Moros is a good option. While Los Moros does also offer some meat, the meat-free dishes and the immense flavour they possess highlights the talent the team of cooks evidently have. Specialising in North African and Middle Eastern flavours, this independent business is a hidden gem that not enough people in York know about. For fresh and extremely tasty food on the go, while also offering a good overall vibe, Los Moros is the best option around for many people in the city.


Thai Season is a great place to try


Alongside the city’s traditional pubs and high-end restaurants are a range of Asian delights that perfectly supplement the British-style food that is typically on offer throughout the city. For people with a taste for Thai cuisine, Thai Season is the place to go. Located on the Shambles food court, this mouth-watering and truly authentic take on Thai cuisine is definitely up there with some of the best around. Situated in a lovely part of the city, too, Thai Season is worth tracking down.

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