Since inflation has taken over our day-to-day lives, more and more people are interested in investing. Having a safe space to store our money or even earn money through high returns has never been more interesting than these days, but what are suitable investments? We want to answer this and more questions in this article!

What is an investment?

Before we can even look at possible investments, we need to determine what a good investment is. A good investment is when we spend money on something that will gain value over time and let us earn money passively. This is an exciting idea for many people since our return, when we leave the money in our savings account, is minimal or non-existent. Why would we have to work for our money just to lose it over time? Yes, instead, let it work for you! Trading is one of the areas where people invest money into an asset and sell it later for a higher price. If grading is not for you, we have plenty of other options for you!

What should you invest in?

There are different types of investments available, usual people for the safe options. In this article, we want to introduce you to some possibilities for your following investments!

Luxury watches

Luxury watches are an excellent investment since the material will gain value over time, usually gold or stainless steel and the watch itself. Here, you need to know about watches since some brands and models are more lucrative than others. One famous brand is, for example, Rolex. This brand usually gains value over time and therefore is our recommendation. If you want to know more about Rolex as an investment, have a look here:

Gold and other precious metals

It’s no secret that metals like gold are secure currencies and never really lose value. BUT: If we look at 2019, we can see a sudden change in the market. Gold gained value and was as expensive as ever. This doesn’t mean that now is the wrong time to buy gold, since market specialists predict another boom in the upcoming year.

Vintage cars

Do you have some money to spare and invest it in vintage cars? This can be a good idea – if you know! Compared to buying luxury watches, vintage cars are much riskier. Not only do you have to buy a used car and therefore have the risk of possible repairs, but you also need to know how high the value of the car is. And: you need to keep in mind the maintenance fees and the work you need to invest in over time. This is why we only advise vintage car lovers to go for this option since it is a monetary and time investment.

Real estate

Real estate is also a significant investment, especially in growing cities. Not only will you earn a profit when you sell the apartment or the house, but you can also make money over time by renting it out.

Fine wines and spirits

Wine is excellent when it comes to investments. Specific times increase their value over time and can be sold relatively quickly!

What investment is the best?

The answer depends on what you are looking for and how significant the investment should be! If you only have 200 Pounds to invest, buying wine might be the way to go, but if you have multiple thousand pounds to spare while not wanting to invest time into your asset, we recommend going for luxury watches!


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