Online casino gaming has become a popular pastime for many individuals in recent years due its accessibility and endless entertaining offerings. However, despite the industry’s unprecedented growth accumulating a market value of $63.53 billion last year, player safety remains a topic of concern.

While it may be hard to resist tempting casino offers such as no-deposit bonuses and free spins, it’s essential to do your research to find out if the online casino has an operating licence before you sign up to their platform. Finding a good no deposit casino bonus is great, but what’s even better is knowing the provider advertising it is UKGC-certified.

Online casinos equipped with licences from regulatory bodies such as the UKGC must meet specific guidelines and implement the right policies to ensure players’ safety is never compromised. Keep reading to find out what it means for a casino to have a UKGC certification and why it is so important.

What Is The UKGC ?

The UK gambling Commission (UKGC) is an independent regulatory body set up to oversee the individuals and businesses that provide gambling services in Great Britain. Established under the UK Gambling Act 2005, the Commission regulates lottery operators, gambling software, and remote gambling, among others, by working collaboratively with licensing authorities to ensure they maintain a safe and fair gaming environment.

Around two-thirds of the Commission’s estimated income comes from fees paid by licensees, while the remainder is funded by the National Lottery levy. This refers to a 0.1% charge the Commission levies on all National Lottery sales. However, the UKGC can expect a significant income increase thanks to Camelot UK reporting £8.2 billion in annual sales marketing, its second-best year since it launched the lottery in 1994.

How Does It Work?

The UKGC is committed to protecting consumers by curating a safe and secure gambling experience. This is done by regulating all gambling businesses in Great Britain, both online and on the casino floor. UKGC also works to prevent any crimes such as theft and fraud from occurring, ensuring that players’ rights are prioritised and safeguarded at all times. Gambling can be a fun and thrilling pastime until your personal information and finances are put in jeopardy. As such, it is essential for aspiring consumers to stick to regulated casinos.

The Commission is also responsible for spreading awareness about problem gambling and providing support for those impacted by it. Nearly 1.4 million people are reportedly suffering from problem gambling, according to a survey conducted by the GambleAware charity. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness of the support available and the societal stigma associated with gambling problems have been shown to stop individuals from accessing treatment and support. The study also revealed that although women are less likely to develop a gambling disorder, those who do are more likely to blame barriers such as cost, location, and time as the reason for not seeking treatment.

As the largest regulated market in online gambling, the UKGC is continuously striving to make the industry fairer and safer for consumers. The Commission recently donated funds, amounting to £9 million, from penalties from gambling firms that failed to follow the terms of their licence to treatment services. The regulatory body is also continuing to reduce the risk of vulnerable consumers being exploited by gambling companies by implementing customer age verification. This is a growing concern, as data has revealed that up to 450,000 children between the ages of 11 and 16 bet regularly, which is said to be a much higher figure than those who do drugs and drink alcohol.

Why Is It Essential ?

Licenced casinos play a vital role in the world of gambling, serving as pillars of trust, security, and responsible gaming. The UKGC regularly monitors and audits gambling companies to ensure they are compliant and still following the rules and regulations. Additionally, if the gambling companies fail to adhere to these rules, the UKGC has the right to take action against them by either issuing fines or revoking their licence. Whether it is the UKGC or another reputable institution, you know you are in safe hands when playing at an online casino that has received this accreditation.













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