When planning a trip to the USA, how not to visit the most visited city in the world, a city with crazy energy – New York? The first visit to New York is especially exciting and exciting. I want to do everything and see everything. In order not to spoil your impression of visiting this wonderful city, you should first familiarize yourself with the information about travel in New York.  To find unique stays in New York, try cozycozy and compare the different accommodation options from different services.



New York transportation system


In order for an independent tour of the metropolis to become exciting for you, and for moving around the city not to cause unnecessary trouble, you need to have an idea about the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority). This is a time-tested company engaged in transport services in the capital. Includes an extensive network of metro and city buses with a single-fare system.


The city has the following modes of transport:


  • Rental car;
  • Metro;
  • City bus;
  • Ferry;
  • Taxi;
  • cable car;
  • electric trains;
  • trains;
  • Long-distance buses.


Tourists who come to New York most often use rental cars, subways, buses, ferries, and taxis. Next, we will look at the most popular travel options in New York.


Rent a Car


Car rental has become a very common phenomenon around the world. In each metropolis there are several, and sometimes dozens of car rental companies. It will not be difficult to find rental companies on the Internet, but the main thing is to choose the best ones, such as suv rental dubai, using user ratings and reviews. By renting a car, you will save a lot of time, because you will not have to wait for public transport, and you will not have to ride on a stuffy and crowded bus, especially if you travel with kids.


Transport tickets


New York has a complex toll system. Therefore, first of all, you need to understand how much the fare costs and where to buy a ticket.


How much is the fare – ticket prices


We note right away that paying with a special MetroCard is the most profitable, the cost of the trip is $ 2.75 (bus or metro), and the trip on the express bus will cost $ 6.5. What is important, when using the MetroCard, the passenger is given the opportunity to transfer from the metro to the bus and between buses free of charge.


How to use the subway in New York


You can find countless amounts of information about the New York City subway, from complete negativity for its ugly, unattractive appearance to admiration for its long, reliable, and round-the-clock system.


It’s no secret that the New York subway is one of the oldest and largest subways in the world. Its length is 1300 km, and the number of stations is 468. Once on your metro line, you should not relax. You can still manage to come to the wrong destination.


And yet, the subway is the most convenient, without exaggeration, the best way to travel.


Buses in New York


Buses in New York are the third most popular category of transport. The city’s route network is huge and consists of two hundred local (intra-district) routes and thirty high-speed routes that connect different areas of the city.


Using buses is simple and convenient, but it is undesirable to travel on them during rush hour or in a hurry, you can stand in a traffic jam for a long time. For more mobile transportation, there are express buses. By the way, buses are good for tourists, as one of the ways to see the sights of the city. From the window of the bus, everyday life is clearly visible, while you can go around quite a lot.


How to use transport in New York


The article describes the main methods of travel in New York, in this huge metropolis, which, it would seem, must suffocate from an unthinkable amount of transport, but at the same time, must cope with the movement of millions of residents and visitors. Therefore, such diverse, sometimes unusual modes of transport set an ambitious goal to solve this problem as quickly and comfortably as possible.









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