200 Degrees Coffee Shop and Cafe in York Review – Last week we were invited to visit the recently opened coffee shop 200 Degrees on Low Petergate.  It’s a lovely, modern and relaxing space and goes back a surprising distance (I love coffee shops, I hate not being able to find a seat in a coffee shop!).

200 Degrees York Coffee Shop
200 Degrees Coffee Shop on Low Petergate

200 Degrees York Coffee Shop

We tried out some sandwiches, cakes and drinks.  I had the BLT ciabatta:

200 Degrees York Coffee Shop
BLT Ciabatta

We also tried the vegan sausage roll (I was sceptical as I am not a veggie but was very pleasantly surprised – great herby sausage flavour!).

200 Degrees York Coffee Shop
Vegan Sausage Roll

We also tried the Vegan Caprese Ciabatta.  My daughter loves mozzarella and wolfed this sandwich without realising it was vegan.

200 Degrees York Coffee Shop
Caprese Ciabatta

We also tried a cake each.  How about Millionaire’s Shortbread?

200 Degrees York Coffee Shop
Millionaire’s Shortbread

Victoria Sponge:

200 Degrees York Coffee Shop
Victoria Sponge

And Strawberry Blondie:

Strawberry Blondie

My teens tried some cute summer drinks like the pink strawberry lemonade.  The hint of mint reminiscent of an alcohol free mojito:

Summer Drinks

While I plumped for a comforting Latte:

Caffe Latte

We were seated on one of those high tables with bar stools which the teens loved but I hated with a passion (who thinks these things are a good idea?  Someone younger than me I suspect).  Never fear though the rest of the tables are comfortable, like this cosy booth (I love a booth).

Another point of note was that I spotted this sign on the way in – 200 Degrees is dog friendly and there were a couple of well behaved cute woofers in at the same time as us.

So, to sum up, if you are looking for a comfortable, roomy spot to have a break on your day out in York then we’d definitely recommend 200 Degrees (just avoid the high table if you are no longer in your teens!).

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