York is a city with a rich history and abundant traditional tourist attractions. It is a fantastic destination for a weekend getaway for those who love history, architecture, and charming medieval towns. If you are visiting York for a short time. Save as much money as possible by get yourself a York Pass. 

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, and are taking your dog along, there are plenty of unusual things to do in York that will give you a unique and unforgettable experience.


30 Unusual Things to Do in York

1.         Shambles

2.         Take a Boat Ride Down the Ouse

3.         York Dungeon

4.         York Maze

5.         Breezy Knees Garden

6.         City Walls

7.         York Minister

8.         Time travel at the York Castle Museum

9.         Historic Clifford’s Tower

10.       Explore a Real Windmill

11.       JORVIK Viking Center

12.       Magical Wizard Walk

13.       Stanwick’s Iron Age Fortifications

14.       Historic Planes at the York Air Museum

15.       Historical Ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey

16.       Beningborough Hall

17.       Yorkshire Railway Museum

18.       Picnic in the museum gardens

19.       Medieval Magic at Barley Hall

20.       Ghost Tour

21.       Rowntree Park

22.       Day trip to Whitby

23.       Explore Snickelways of York

24.       Jurassic World Exhibit at the Yorkshire Museum

25.       Ceramic Art Gallery

26.       York’s Cold War bunker

27.       Brewery Tour in the York area

28.       Explore the countryside surrounding York

29         Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland

30.       Visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park


1.       Shambles

Located at the city’s heart, Shambles is York’s most historic street, with its narrow lanes and timber-framed buildings having unique old-fashioned charm. Some of its buildings date back to the 13th century. The street is one of the most picturesque streets in York. But you might be wondering whether your dogs can explore them with you. Yes, definitely! Your furry friends will love exploring this part of the city with you.


2.       Take a Boat Ride Down the Ouse

Take a cruise down the river ouse and enjoy the ride. Seeing York from the luxury of a boat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can listen to live commentary during the tour from your captain and learn about the history of this beautiful city.

Are the boats dog-friendly? Yes, dogs can accompany their owners on the upper deck or in the saloon. Pets are not charged extra, but they must always be on a leash.


3.       York Dungeon

Visiting the York Dungeon is the most fun thing to do in York! The York Dungeon is a living museum depicting the city’s gruesome history. It is a unique and interactive attraction that takes you through 2,000 years of York’s dark and gory history. The dogs’ entry is not permitted except for the assistance dogs, and guidelines are issued for the assistance dog as well because certain strange noises and sound effects can be confusing for the assistance dogs.


4.       York Maze 

The York Maze, known as one of the giant maize mazes in the world, is considered one of the most unusual and fun attractions in York. It will give you an amazing day out with over 20 different rides and activities, including a giant maze. Your dog can also enjoy a day out with the family, but they must be on a leash.


5.       Breezy Knees Garden

Do you love color blooms? Then, York’s loved flower garden, also called the breezy knees garden, is an absolute must-see for you and your pup. The garden is one of the most extensive gardens located in northern England. Your furry friends are welcome to enjoy the serenity of nature with you.

6.       City Walls

The York City Walls were constructed in Roman times as defensive walls and surrounded the whole city. They offer a unique way to see the city; your dog can join you too! It’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying stunning views of the city.


7.       York Minister

Head to the York Minster, the impressive Gothic cathedral that dominates the city skyline, and take in its stunning stained-glass windows and soaring arches while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. 


8.       Time travel at the York Castle Museum

Visit the York Castle Museum and explore the 400-year fascinating history of this city, including exhibits on social history, crime, and punishment. Discover the unusual foods and clothing travel to the frontlines of World War I, and meet famous local characters. Assistance dogs are welcome in the museum, but you have to supervise them as they have kept many objects on display openly. Take a journey back in time and learn about the history of York and its people.


9.       Historic Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s tower was constructed in 1068 and is known as where many misfortunes were demolished and burned throughout the centuries. The tower marked the historic Jewish mass suicide in 1190. Unfortunately, the building is open for public visits but not for pet dogs. The tower only allows assistance dogs.


10.  Explore a Real Windmill

You might not know that York has its windmill! It is an exciting and quirky place to visit with your furry friends. There are some exciting activities for children and a surprise visit from Santa!

11.  JORVIK Viking Center

Are you a Viking enthusiast? Then the Jorvik Viking Center is definitely for you. History lovers should take advantage of this interactive and fascinating Viking museum. Visit the Jorvik Viking Centre and learn about the city’s Viking heritage.


Unfortunately, Jorvik Viking Centre doesn’t allow pet dogs. Only guide and assistance dogs are permitted in the Viking Centre. So if you have a dog and a car. You should not park the car outside in the sun during the hot summer. A great tip from Micah Coyle from K9 Rocks is to find a nearby parking house. The nearest inside parking is the Coppergate centre. If everything is taken, you can always go to google map and find other nearby parking houses.


12.  Magical Wizard Walk

Are you a Harry Potter fan looking for a letter from Hogwarts? Well, you can visit Hogwarts for free! The Wizard Walk of York transports you on a vibrant, engaging city tour that includes magic tricks, entertaining banter, and potential fantastic encounters with different creatures (a Dobby elf, maybe!).


13.  Stanwick’s Iron Age Fortifications

Stanwick Iron Age Hill Fort is the largest hill fort in England. It comprises the remains of a 1st-century Stanwick Iron Age fort. It was a trade center for iron in the 1st century and a power center for Brigantes.


So visit this historic place with your pooch, but always remember to keep your pup on a leash.


14.  Historic Planes at the York Air Museum

For fans of aviation, the Yorkshire Air Museum is a must-visit! The museum has exhibits and displays that cover 100 years of history. The museum also has a historic cinema where RAF short films are shown. The place is dog friendly, so you can easily take your pup to visit this landmark air museum.

15.  Historical Ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey

St. Mary’s Abbey’s historical remains were formerly a significant Benedictine monastery. The first chapel was founded in 1088 and eventually became one of the wealthiest organizations in the North of England. The place is a famous attraction for visitors. The plus point is that you can also take your little pup with you!

16.  Beningborough Hall

The lavish country estate Beningborough Hall is located not far from the metropolis. Learn about the construction of the hall’s history and its unique architectural characteristics on your visit. The hall also hosts contemporary art exhibitions and features a restaurant and gift store.


If you are using this list visiting everything we have listed down here so far. You should take a break and eat some snack. You should checkout all the steak houses we have in York here.  


17.  Yorkshire Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum can be enjoyed by anyone, even those who aren’t railway enthusiasts. It’s one of York’s most popular and impressive sites. There are historical locomotives inside the different structures, such as steam trains and royal carriages, and contemporary choices, such as incredible bullet trains.


However, the museum only allows guide and assistance dogs.

18.  Picnic in the museum gardens

There are many public parks in York, but one of the finest in Museum Gardens. The York Museum Gardens is a tranquil oasis in the city’s heart, with beautiful gardens and historic buildings. Museum Gardens is a wonderful place to relax in the middle of the town. It is right next to the River Ouse, which runs through the city’s center.


The place is perfect for munching snacks with your pup, enjoying the impressive flower displays, and seeing rare trees like hornbeam.


19.  Medieval Magic at Barley Hall

In the 1980s, a medieval townhouse called Barley Hall was found and returned to its former splendor. The Magic and Mystery exhibits at the Barley Hall encompass the sciences of alchemy and witchcraft. So unveil the mystery of potions and magic by visiting this magical place. Assistance, as well as guide dogs, are welcome!

20.  Ghost Tour

York is known as one of the most haunted cities in England, so why not take a ghost tour with your dog? Many tours are dog-friendly, and it’s a great way to learn about the city’s history and spooky past. Your ghoulish guide will frighten and amuse you on these fun and spooky tours!


21.  Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park is along the river. It’s a beautiful park with a sweet history. It is a memorial to factory workers who died during World War I. Enjoy a lovely evening strolling along the riverside with your pup, enjoying the sweet breeze and serene view.


22.  Day trip to Whitby

Whitby is a charming town that is excellent for day trips from York and is very dog-friendly. Many activities depend on what you want to do if you wish to stroll down to the beach, around the harbor, or sit in a pub.


23.  Explore Snickelways of York

The winding roadways inside York’s city walls link by a network of tiny lanes known as “Snickelways.” These Snicketways, which are 50 in number, are well hidden, little known, and frequently lead to fascinating attractions.


24.  Jurassic World Exhibit at the Yorkshire Museum

The Yorkshire Jurassic World display includes an immersive virtual-reality dinosaur experience and genuine fossils, including the remains of Alan, the UK’s oldest dinosaur discovered.

25.  Ceramic Art Gallery

The York Art Gallery houses the country’s most extensive collection of British studio ceramics in its Center for Ceramic Arts. The gallery’s inventory of paintings spans the 14th century to the present. You should visit the Yorkshire Art Gallery if you’re an art enthusiast!


26.  York’s Cold War bunker

The Cold War Bunker in Holgate is one of York’s most recent historical attractions. The bunker, built-in 1961 to monitor nuclear activity, is a time capsule of the era. It is the only one of its kind that has been kept operational.


27.  Brewery Tour in the York area

York is home to many great craft breweries, with tours and tastings available for beer lovers. Some breweries allow dogs on their tours, but it’s always best to check beforehand. Sample some of the best beer in the city while your furry friend relaxes by your side. 


28.  Explore the countryside surrounding York

York is surrounded by stunning countryside, with the Yorkshire Dales just a short drive away. Take a long walk with your dog and enjoy the breathtaking countryside views. York is known for its cuisine, and a food tour with your dog is a great way to sample some of the city’s best food. Dogs must be on a leash and well-behaved.

29.   Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland

The annual holiday extravaganza, Yorkshire’s Winter Wonderland, is open from November to January. You indeed feel festive when you visit the largest outdoor ice rink in the North of England, surrounded by Christmas trees, log cabins, and sparkling lights.


If you prefer something else to skate, stop by the chalet with an Alpine theme for mulled wine, hot chocolate, and sweets. Santa’s Grotto and a vintage funfair are also available to amuse everyone. Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash.


30.  Visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Located just outside of York, the park offers a chance to see lions, tigers, and other exotic animals up close. Dogs are not allowed in the park but are welcome in the car park and picnic area.



Final Verdict

If you are a travel enthusiast and York is your next destination this time, why not take your dog too? York has many unique places to spend quality time with your canine. So, try the above-mentioned unusual things at York with your furry companion and make sweet memories.



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