York is a beautiful city and it’s enjoyable to be out and about away from home, unfortunately, our four-legged furry friends sometimes think so as well and some are prone to exploring on their own. If you own a dog that is a bit of an escape artist, then dog GPS might be for you. This article will loosely cover the features and benefits of using GPS to track your pet.

Live worry-free

If you have a pet that likes to get out of your yard or house and roam around, then having some way to track it down – or even to let you know when it passes a certain boundary so you know exactly when it’s gotten out – can be a huge weight off your mind.

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Real-time tracking

These GPS devices offer real-time tracking, which means that you can log into them at any time and see exactly where your pet is. This is much better than having some sort of pet-cam that you have to rewind and check what they are up to, or maybe they’re out of frame and you aren’t sure if they are still in the yard or if they’ve gotten out. GPS will tell you exactly where your pet is at any time.


As mentioned previously, a lot of these tracking devices allow you to set a custom boundary on them. If you know your pet likes to hop the fence, you can have the GPS collar ping you straight away, so your pet won’t have time to rummage around the neighbourhood before you go looking for them.

Recover a lost pet

Naturally, the thing that GPS is best at, is pinpointing location. If your pet manages to get out and become lost and run away, GPS can help you find their exact location. This might mean that you can find the animal shelter they were picked up by, or it could be a good way to tell authorities where to search for them.

Exercise and activity monitoring

Some of these GPS collar devices include other features to help track exercise and fitness in your pet, just like human fitness-wear devices. This could be good if your pup is looking a little round around the edges to make sure they get enough walking in.

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