Going to the races is an event that’s enjoyed by the masses. And it’s easy to see why: you get to dress up and maybe win some cash. But many racing venues now also offer alternative entertainment to bring in the crowds. An example of this is this summer’s racecourse in York, which has superstars, Madness, performing. Are you going to dance along to Our House while placing a bet on the gee-gees?

Move your feet
There are plenty of events happening over the year at York Racecourse, but it’s the summer that stands out the most. Why? Because the sun will be out (hopefully), and the seasons of barbecues, garden parties and festivals will begin.

And what better way to start it out than heading to the Music Showcase Weekend and watching Madness perform. They’re a band known for their sense of fun, and when they put on a show, they really put on a show. So if you’re a music fan and fancy betting on the races, make sure Friday 22nd July is free in your calendar.

Knowing your stuff
It’s all well and good showing up for a Madness gig, and if that’s just what you want, then make sure you book your tickets now. But if you want to enjoy betting on the horses while you’re there, it’s important that you know a bit more about how it all works. Because if you’re a novice in the area and you’re just placing bets on horses because they have funny names, then it’s not going to be as enjoyable as you think.

If you’re placing a bet on the horse races, you’ll want to do some investigation first. When it comes to this, there’s a lot of legwork that needs to go into it. You need to keep track of the horse, look into its racing history and see how it’s been faring over the last few races (this is called the form). You also need to know what health condition it’s been in, has it had any injuries over the last year and the age of the horse. Then there’s the jockey – have they got a good track record? There is a lot to look into before placing your bets.

Seasoned gamblers will tell you that research is the key to success. Whether it’s reading the form for horses in a race, knowing all the stats when betting on football, or studying the poker odds before sitting at a table, knowledge helps build profit.

Let’s look at a few examples that prove the point.

When research pays off
Placing bets on football is easy. You can look at the odds and make a decision if you want to place the bet. Or you can look at the statistics to help you make a more informed bet. For example, if you’re a Tottenham fan and you’ve been following them and noticed their recent winning streak and free-scoring attacking play, that’ll help you place a more informed bet.

You can choose whether your team will win, by how many, and you can use the past matches to help you make that decision. Better yet, many online sites give you the tools to look into all of this before making a bet.

Playing at a poker table is also another game where you’re going to need to do research. First of all, you’ll need to learn how the game is played, understand all the odds and practise as much as you can. You can always try playing the game for free online to get the hang of it first. Once you’ve picked up some skills, you’ll have a head start when you do decide to play it with your hard-earned cash. But even then, you need to know your opponent. You’ll want to be able to tell when they’re bluffing or when it’s a good idea to fold your cards.

Most importantly, have fun
There’s a reason why some of the big racing events combine music concerts – it makes it fun! It’s essentially a festival that gets you dancing while also giving you the chance to place a bet. Of the many things to do in York, Madness at the racecourse (the band, hopefully not literally) will be a blast, even more so if you’ve done your research on the horses before the races. Make sure you’re having fun because it should be an event to remember.



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