However long you’ve been in your home for, there comes a point for lots of homeowners where they’re ready to sell up and move on. Maybe you want to start a family and your current property isn’t big enough, or perhaps you’re nearing retirement and want something a little smaller. Whatever your situation, once you list your home on the property market, you’ll be after a quick sale.

How quickly your home gets snapped up all depends on how well you’ve maintained it. Kerb appeal is a crucial factor for homebuyers. For that reason, you need to spend time improving your home’s kerb appeal to create a great first impression for viewers. Here are a few actions you can take today to do just that.

Smarten Up Your Front Door

One of the biggest focal points of a property is the front door. When viewers come to check out your home, be aware they’ll be paying close attention to your front door. If you’ve got a wood one, why not add a fresh coat of paint and stick with colours like olive green, navy, or charcoal grey? If you can afford to do so, it may be wise to replace your front door entirely. The front door sets the tone for what’s on the inside, so smartening it up is a no-brainer.

Clean the Windows

Let’s be honest, everything benefits from a good old-fashioned scrub, with glass being no exception. Before homebuyers pull up outside to have a look around your home, grab the help of your local window cleaner to brighten up your windows and ensure any ingrained grime is firmly removed. If you’re able to, why not wash the frames too? Clean windows will bring in more light which creates a brighter interior.

Think About Exterior Lighting

A well-lit entrance feels welcoming and safe. With that said, why not consider adding matching wall lights on either side of the front door? Doing so can boost your property’s kerb appeal instantly. If you’re putting your house up for sale in the winter months, it’s likely viewings will commence when it’s dark. Therefore, having plenty of exterior lighting will not only illuminate your space but ensure homebuyers can see where they’re going!

Sort Out Your Garden

Your garden space is going to be on many homebuyers’ checklists. While a lot of focus is on the inside of a home, buyers will be impressed by a well-maintained garden. Simple actions like pulling up weeds and mowing the lawn can make a real difference. If you need someone to help with your garden, it’s time to check out MyBuilder. They have plenty of local landscape gardeners you can get in touch with. Simply post your job on their page and you’ll soon be in touch with reputable gardeners who can transform your outdoor space.

There are plenty of practical ways to make your property’s exterior stand out and get taken off the market quicker. Whether it’s something as simple as giving your windows a good clean or shelling out on a brand new front door, boosting your home’s kerb appeal can increase its value, be a hit with homebuyers and most importantly, get the asking price you’re looking for.



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