We are so very lucky in York to have some amazing theatres offering all sorts of different styles of entertainment.  Last night we went along to the The Grand Opera House to the press night of Sister Act.  It’s a musical based on the film of the same name that starred Whoopi Goldberg in 1992 (seriously, how is it that long ago?!).

Last night we saw Sue Cleaver (best known for playing Eileen Grimshaw in Corrie), take on the role of Mother Superior and West End star Landi Oshinowo take on the central role of Deloris.

If you don’t already know the story, Deloris, a loud and sarcastic singer (with, as it turns out, a heart of gold) sees her married boyfriend shoot another man dead.  She goes to the police to report what she saw and is then placed into witness protection in a convent.  The nuns in the convent have their own problems, especially with lack of funds.  Deloris teaches them to sing and helps them raise money, while the nuns teach her the true meaning of sisterhood.

It’s funny, nostalgic and moving with a great soundtrack!  I never thought the day would come when I would enjoy watching nuns dancing so much, but here we are.  The lighting and the sets were fabulous making use of incredible backdrops (reminded me of the rose window in the Minster).

It’s at the Grand Opera House until Saturday, so don’t hang about!


The official blurb:

All your prayers have been answered with a stunning cast, including Coronation Street legend Sue Cleaver as Mother Superior and West Endstar Landi Oshinowo as Deloriseveryone’s favourite nun on the run.

Disco diva Deloris’ life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a murder. Placed under protective custody she is hidden in the one place she shouldn’t be found – a convent! Encouraged to help the struggling choir, she helps her fellow sisters find their true voices as she unexpectedly rediscovers her own.

Featuring original music by Tony® and 8-time Oscar® award-winner Alan Menken (Disney’s Aladdin, Enchanted) and songs inspired by Motown, soul and disco, this heavenly musical is joyous and uplifting in equal measures. A musical sent from above, Sister Act is the brilliant, must-see show which raises the spirits and warms the soul time after time.




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