It has to be said, I am old enough to remember Heathers when it came out as a movie in 1989, in fact I would have been the same age as characters in it, so I was very curious to see it as a musical.  Heathers the Musical is a dark, dark comedy with themes of murder and teen suicide covered, but in a humorous (though unsettling) way.  

The Heathers themselves are wonderfully dreadful, they are the popular girls in school who treat everyone else with loathing and disdain.  They are colourful though, and rule the stage, their synchronised dance moves hypnotically magnificent.


The songs are catchy and the audience clearly loved them.  The set is simple, mostly a high school background but with very effective lighting.  

I am a bit of a sensitive soul and found the themes and the language a little uncomfortable in places – which I think is the intention.  Having teens of my own the toxic school environment made me wince.  That said, the dancing and big tunes coupled with the bright set and staging made a marvellous juxtaposition and it is definitely one to watch!


We were invited to attend the press night of Heathers the Musical, as always all opinions expressed are my own.


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