Holidays are there to give us some time off. However, if we are responsible for the planning, some logistics need to be taken care of. Finding the right destination, the right time span, booking flights and hotels… The whole ordeal can be stressful. When it comes to parking in York, we have a helpful guide on cheap parking options here. However, what to do when you are traveling to York from other places in the world?

Good planning helps us reduce stress, so we can enjoy our holiday all the more. This planning includes the way we arrive at the airport to start the trip off right. Whether we take a taxi, ride the train, or take our car, any option has its own pros and cons.

What is the best way to get to the airport stress-free?

Different Options for Getting to the Airport

The nature of taking a flight means any kind of transport needs to be left behind when we are taking off for our holiday. While many lean to take their own car for a lot of flexibility, this introduces the problem of where to store the car safely and cheaply. Trains or taxis free us from this conundrum but have their own counterpoints.

Learn here which benefits and downsides each method of transport has for a holiday, and how to use services like Parkos to find the best prices for airport parking.

●     Taxi

A taxi is the most expensive option when it comes to the cost of the trip itself. In turn, you can lean back in the privacy of a car and won’t have to concern yourself with dealing with traffic or planning the route. Typically, the taxi driver will even help you with loading and unloading your baggage.

This option is most likely to be the most relaxing one. However, the character of the trip is entirely dependent on the quality and talent of the driver. Modern solutions like an app for booking taxi rides can help you find a good service with driver reviews.

It is important that the taxi ride is booked in advance to make sure you don’t have to rely on the coincidental availability of a free taxi.

●     Public Transport

Public transport takes some responsibility off your shoulders. You don’t have to focus on driving and finding the quickest routes, you simply must select one of the suitable connections.

Additionally, in case of a train, traffic jams won’t impact you. However, even trains are known to be delayed, and when they are, you cannot quickly adjust your route to find better alternatives.

A bus, if available, is a cheaper option, but typically takes much longer and can be even more unreliable since the many halts are combined with potential traffic jams and other slowdowns.

Public transport is the least private option. Here, you will have to share the space with strangers and might risk your luggage getting stolen if you are not careful. Depending on the people who are present at the time, their actions can negatively impact your experience. Especially when traveling with many people and children, this can be stressful.

●     Car

When we take our own car to the airport, we benefit from the biggest possible flexibility. We sit in the comfort of our private possession, pick the starting time ourselves, and can quickly adjust routes to any problems like traffic jams.

But driving your own car to the airport is also connected to the effort of driving and the parking space issue. To find a safe spot for your car to stay while you are away, you should never just leave it on the side of a road or a regular parking spot without supervision.

Airport parking spots offer you the perfect service that guarantees your car is safe while you travel. This comes with a high cost, though.

Saving Costs on Airport Parking

To alleviate the high cost of secure airport parking, you can use a few tricks. These include booking online and far in advance to find the best prices. Similarly, using a comparison website like Parkos helps to find the best, trustworthy offers. They include on and off-site parking in their searches.

In many cases, the non-official airport parking space providers have cheaper prices and a higher focus on good service to compete with the closer and thus more practically available airport parking spaces.


When we are on our way to the airport, the right way to travel to the gate is the first step in starting our holiday stress-free. Typically, the car allows for the greatest independence and flexibility. Compared to the car, a train or taxi can cost a lot of money and leave problems like traffic jams and delays out of your control.

The effort of driving itself and the high costs of airport parking can be reasons not to take your own car. However, when we book online in advance and use comparison services like Parkos, it is easy to find suitable prices for secure parking spaces while we are away.


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