York is probably one of the most beautiful walled cities in the UK. York Minster, its stunning gothic cathedral, comes with original medieval stained glass and two bell towers that still work today.   


If you’ve never had the pleasure to visit York, then we can certainly recommend it. It’s an amazing city; whether you are a history buff and want to learn more about its past or a fan of the macabre and want to know more about the spine-tingling ghostly goings-on, there’s something for everyone.


We’ve uncovered some interesting facts about the city that you may not know, so read on to find out what this Roman-founded city has to offer alongside its regular list of events.



Spooky goings-on

York is a city with a past. Its dark history is rife with yarns of ghosts, torture, and guts and gore. The International Ghost Research Foundation declared York the most haunted city in Europe. It has 500+ hauntings, and its bloody, volatile and violent history includes the Civil War, Conquest by the Normans and Viking Invasions.


York seems to have a ghost with a score to settle on every cobbled street corner!


And more spooky goings-on…

With its bloody and horrendous past and the numerous stories of ghosts and hauntings, it’s not really surprising that York is famous for the Ghost Walks that take place at night around the city.


Generally starting at The Golden Fleece pub, which is reported to be the most haunted pub in York, visitors are taken on a Ghost Hunt whilst listening to tales of the numerous hauntings and murders that have made this city so famous.

The Golden Fleece

You’re a wizard, Harry!

Yes, you’ve guessed it – York has connections to Harry Potter. Not only was Diagon Alley based on a beautiful-cobbled street, The Shambles in York, which now actually houses a shop aptly named “The Shop That Can’t be Named”, but the first film in the Harry Potter franchise was filmed on location at the Steam Railway in North Yorks.  Have you ever been to the Wizarding World in Orlando?  Here is a great list of things to do in Orlando.


Streets ahead

York is home to the smallest street with the longest name in the world – Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate.


Guy Fawkes

Yes, the guy with the funny pointy hat, who is famous for the gunpowder plot where he tried to blow up James I and Parliament, was born in York in 1605.


York is a Viking City

Dominated by Norse Warrior Kings, York was known as Jórvík. and now houses the Jorvik Viking Centre, which shows visitors what it was like in AD 960.


Endless entertainment

According to locals, there are over 365 pubs in York – one for every day of the year! There’s plenty of entertainment to be had in the evening, with lots of restaurants, cinemas and even an opera house. However, unlike neighbouring cities such as Leeds and Sheffield, which present visitors with a variety of adult entertainment venues to choose from, York has only one of those establishments and one thing the city lacks is an option to dress up and visit a casino. Instead, visitors must rely on a variety of online entertainment, including live dealer casino tables, which is pretty much like the real thing.


One of the oldest cities in the UK

York is an ancient and walled city with more than 2,000 years of rich heritage. Once an Anglo Saxon trading port, it became more established under Roman rule, and in 71AD, it was known as  Eboracum.


Home to the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe…

York Minster took 250 years to build, is 800 years old and home to some of the most precious and irreplaceable medieval art in the world.


… and the Yorkshire Pudding!

It goes without saying that York should be home to that delicious Sunday roast accompaniment, the Yorkshire Pudding.


Originally called the dripping pudding, The “Yorkshire” prefix was first used in the 1747 publication, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Simple, by Hannah Glasse.


So, there you have it, our ten fun facts about York that you may not have known. York really is steeped in history and is a beautiful part of the world to visit, whatever your age.


As well as the 365 pubs, there are beautiful buildings with some amazing architecture to admire, coffee and cake shops, a castle and numerous museums that will keep you entertained for days. 


There’s even a huge award-winning 20-acre garden site called Breezy Knees Garden on the edge of the city, which is home to beautiful water features and over 7,000 varieties of plants, shrubs and flowers.

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