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The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, the Christmas lights are shining outside every house, the mulled wine is flowing, and people all over the world are getting ready to pop the question! Yes, Christmas is a wonderful time to propose to your favorite person. The possibilities for this special moment are endless, from proposing under exploding fireworks to simply getting a flower delivery in UK and surprising them at home.

All that really matters is that your better half says “yes”, but at the same time, you want to make this moment extra special, don’t you? From simple and personal ideas to slightly more elaborate gestures, we’ve collected several Christmas marriage proposal tips and ideas to help you make this holiday unforgettable.

How Many People Get Engaged at Christmas?

According to Facebook, on no other day does the status change to “engaged” as often as on Christmas Eve. It is hard to figure out the exact number but on average, 1,825,743 couples become engaged each year, and 282,900 of those proposals happen in December. A big chunk of these is probably happening on Christmas Eve!

Why is Christmas a Popular Time for Wedding Proposals?

One advantage of a marriage proposal at Christmas is that you already have the appropriate scenery for it: illuminated streets, tastefully decorated shop windows, or even romantic snow falling from the sky. You spend the evenings together as a couple at home with a cup of mulled wine and candlelight, the everyday life stays outside. In other words, it is time for feelings, which have become even more important in recent years.

Should I Plan a Christmas Proposal?

If you prefer to celebrate this important occasion alone with your partner, you should definitely plan the proposal for the Christmas holidays. Since booking a romantic hotel is rather difficult this time of year, you have to get creative in a different way. Make yourselves comfortable at home, arrange a candlelight dinner for two, and set a dress code beforehand. True to style in a tuxedo and evening dress, with a glass of champagne and an exquisite dinner, the question will then come much more easily to your lips.

A marriage proposal on New Year’s Eve is also very popular, so to speak the perfect start to the new year. If you can’t wait until midnight, you can propose before or after dinner. So in the future, you will celebrate the anniversary of your engagement together with the whole world.

How do I Propose for Christmas?

One of the most important things is, of course, the right time. A proposal under the Christmas tree on December 24 is usually not necessarily advisable because it can then drown in the family bustle. Firstly decide whether you want to propose one-on-one or have witnesses, so to speak. If the latter, then get dressed up, decorate your living room festively, and treat yourself to an extra-large Christmas tree. Then the whole family will hear the news of your engagement in an amazing atmosphere.

If you are planning to propose at Christmas, be sure to buy your engagement ring in advance. The Christmas season is a very busy time for jewelers, sometimes it can take even longer until the ring is ready, if there are customization requests. It is best to go to a jeweler a few weeks before. You can even go the extra mile and find a jewelry designer who will custom-make a unique ring.

If you are afraid of having to hide the ring for that long, you can ask the jeweler if the ring can be stored in their safe until you are ready to take it.


  • Is It a Good Idea to Propose on Christmas?

Showing feelings and sharing love is currently more important than ever, so the longing for togetherness and human closeness make Christmas Eve perfect for proposing.

  • What are Some Good Proposal Ideas?

The ultimate idea is of course the topic of this article – the Christmas Eve proposal. As an alternative, you can pick another date like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day. Dates that are special only for you two will be an ideal choice, the day you met for the first time for example.

  • How do I Make Proposal Day Special?

Well, make your proposal a surprise! Imagine as your partner walks into a candle-lit, decorated room, you drop on your knee, open a box and ask the question. How can they say no?!

  • Which Knee do You Drop When You Propose?

Tradition dictates that your left knee should be on the ground, the ring box should also be in your left hand, and you open the box with your right.

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