TiDescription: The best way to sleep well and protect your health is buying an orthopaedic pillow. Here you can find out what the best UK orthopaedic pillow is, what its advantages are and how to choose the right pillow for your needs and where to get it in York.

An Ultimate Guide On Choosing A Memory Foam Pillow

Sleeping is a process that takes a third part of your life and your state of health depends a lot on the way you sleep. One of the methods of improving the quality of your sleep, and, accordingly, your health, is an orthopaedic pillow.

Below, we will tell you in more detail about how to choose a perfect pillow, what an orthopaedic pillow is and how it can improve your health using it.

What Is An Orthopedic Pillow

An orthopaedic pillow is a useful accessory that can create more comfortable conditions for your neck and head during sleep, as well as the correct position throughout the night from an anatomical point of view. This product is quite popular among people who suffer from spine problems and postural disorders. You can buy an orthopedic memory foam pillow in the UK to prevent eventual health problems.



Orthopedic Pillow Benefits

The best way to raise the quality of your sleep is to buy an orthopaedic pillow. If you decided to choose such a pillow it would support your neck and head during sleep, help with sleep issues, etc. We will tell you more about its benefits below.

Supports Your Neck And Head

The correct form and design of the orthopaedic pillow from the anatomic point of view allows you to support your head and neck during sleep. Due to this, blood circulation returns to normal, the natural curve of the neck is maintained, and the posture keeps the desired position.

Helps To Relax

A memory foam pillow can relieve pressure from the cervical spine. Due to this, after sleeping you feel relaxed and harmonious. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to keep your head and body at the same level, which is contributed by the pillow design.

Relax, knowing that you are safe while you sleep, make sure your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is up to date as well as any smoke detectors.

Eases Snoring

If you share your house with someone, snoring certainly annoys your household and does not allow a sleeping person himself or herself to fully relax. This problem can be effectively solved by an orthopaedic pillow. The orthopaedic neck pillow supports the sleeper’s head and neck in an anatomically correct position, ensuring the natural functioning of the respiratory tract.

Helps With Sleep Issues

Due to the fact that ordinary pillows do not follow the anatomical shape of the neck and head, the sleeper is unable to sleep well. Orthopaedic pillows easily deal with this problem. Many users can confirm that their sleep quality has noticeably improved within a short time after using such pillows.

How To Choose A Perfect One

To choose exactly the best orthopaedic pillow that suits you, take into account the following parameters:

  • dimensions
  • filler type
  • extra options

Let’s consider each of these parameters in more detail.

If we talk about the size, it should be mentioned that the dimensions of orthopaedic pillows are also determined by the sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, you need a high pillow, on your back — medium, on your stomach — low. Sometimes manufacturers indicate the desired height for different poses in the size chart. For sleeping on the stomach, an average of 6-8 cm is recommended, on the back — 8-10 cm, on the side — 10-16 cm.

It is best to measure the width of the shoulder from the protruding bone to the base of the neck: this is how high the contoured pillow should be. A deviation of 1-2 cm is acceptable.

The filler type is one of the most important parameters in choosing a pillow. You need to choose it according to the following rules:

  • As a rule, the material is always synthetic. If you need an ecological accessory made from natural materials, then latex and buckwheat husks are best suited – they have a support effect.
  • Latex adapts to the shape of the body, so such pillows support the spine in the medically correct position and reduce pain. They are also easier to care for.
  • Viscoelastic polyurethane foam adapts to the contours of the body, does not deform under the head pressure and returns to its original shape. Such pillows provide a physiologically correct position of the neck during sleep.
  • Orthopaedic pillows made of polyester are softer, lighter and cheaper than other materials, they remain in their effectiveness for 2-3 years;.
  • Synthetic fillers do not cause allergies, dust mites do not start in them, they are simple and easy to take care of.

So, Where To Get An Orthopaedic Pillow In York

It is best to buy orthopaedic pillows in online stores. This decision will provide you with the following benefits:

  • a large selection of products with different characteristics;
  • the opportunity to choose a pillow according to your budget;
  • the possibility to find an orthopaedic pillow of any shape;
  • you do not need to waste time going to the store;
  • couriers can deliver the goods directly to your home.


An orthopaedic pillow is a very useful purchase that will help you improve your sleep quality and prevent many diseases. Follow the link above to order a high-quality orthopaedic pillow and take care of your sleep and health.

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