It’s hard to speak of online casinos without talking about slot machines these days, especially the 3d slots machines. This standard casino game has made its path to the online world in much more stylish, unusual, and fun ways than gamblers can imagine, significantly in casinos in the UK.


Whatever type of slot machine online casino lovers choose to play, there’s one crucial factor that affects their decision which is Slot Machine Volatility.


Understanding Volatility

Speaking of slot machines, in particular, volatility refers to the risk concerned i.e., how difficult and risky a game is. If you’ve had your genuine share of playing slots online, you’ve possibly made a note of how there are some games that continuously payout wins, while there are others where you encounter a period of time when you don’t win anything at all. 


Believe it or not, this frankly has nothing to do with being lucky or unlucky. Rather, it concerns volatility. 

Three Levels of Volatility


The three levels of volatility in online slot machine games are:

Low volatility slot machines


Low volatility slots give gamblers more chances of wins but with very small jackpots, ranging from 270-550 times the bet. They aren’t as thrilling as the machines with higher volatility, but the fact that they provide more persistent payouts makes them attractive to many gamblers.


Medium volatility slot machines


Online slots games to play with medium volatility slot machine games make a fine settlement between low and high volatile machines. These games are a little disappointing to play but offer highly expected wins in return. Moreover, medium-variance slots generally offer tons of bonus elements. They make a wonderful choice for gamblers who play for fun but still want reputable and decent wins.

High volatility machines


For gamblers desiring to become millionaires or billionaires one day, slot machines with high volatility slots are the possible options.


They are also named “high risk” machines that seldom pay. But once they do, lucky gamblers can expect huge jackpots. These slots are favoured by users who have large bankrolls and have sufficient time and patience to hunt after the jackpot prize.


Determining a Slot Machine’s Volatility

Undoubtedly, not many people have the freedom and privilege to invest in high-volatility games. However, not all the players are satisfied with how much low variance games are capable of being offered either. Keeping that in mind, it’s necessary to know the basics of slot machine volatility.


Play the game


Most online casinos won’t reveal the volatility of slot machines. It’s up to the gamblers to understand. Unfortunately, this can take multiple rounds, which account for 600-1,500 spins.


Experts recommend trying out the free version of an online slot game. The reason is the variance of any slot machine stays the same whether the gambler is using the free or premium version. Moreover, demo versions remove the risk of using real money.


Determine the game’s RTP


The RTP (return to player rate) is a forecast of how much players can predict and expect in winnings. This is specified and determined by the game developer.


Slot machines that have a higher RTP percentage provide higher chances of winnings, which causes them to be less volatile. On the other hand, those that have lower RTPs are regarded to be more volatile.


Defining the volatility of online slot machines assists gamblers in choosing the game that matches their betting goals.


Check the intensity of bonuses


Games with bonus elements usually have a higher slot variance than normal.


Slot machines that feature a bonus once in every 600,000 spins, for instance, will likely pay a more noteworthy amount than a slot game that features a bonus after every 60 or 150 spins.


Progressive slot machines, or those that let gamblers place shares of the bets go towards raising the jackpot, tend to be more volatile.

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More professional and skilled slots players, and possibly those with deeper pockets, might prefer the challenges thrown up by the high volatility slots. Games with a low volatility tag only appeal to recreational gamblers.


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