York is one of England’s finest cities. A magnificent medieval masterpiece, ringed by thick stone walls, and full of charming winding alleyways and cobbled streets. This tiny city claims to have a pub for every single day of the year, and is one of the most atmospheric and romantic spots that the north of England has to offer.


There are plenty of romantic experiences to enjoy in York, from cozy pub lunches and walks hand in hand through the city’s historic center, to taking a horse-drawn carriage ride around the ancient city walls. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, York is the perfect destination.


So if your honeymoon itinerary already includes a luxury Southampton cruise and you want to make the most of your time in England and discover more of the country, York is a great place to aim for. Here are some of the most romantic experiences for honeymooners in York.


Explore historic pubs

York’s pubs are world-famous, and the legend goes that there are exactly 365 of them…enough to visit a new one every single day of the year! Regardless of their number, they are a treat, all crackling wood fires, ancient timber beams, low roofs, and delicious local ales. The weather in York can get chilly, and when the mercury drops there’s nothing quite like cuddling up with your loved one in a warm, cosy pub!


Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

Always a romantic game-changer, a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city is a superb choice. Trundling along cobbled streets, through narrow alleyways, and past beautiful churches is a delightful way to explore the city, and you’ll get a feeling for its character and history far better than by car.


Visit the York Minster

York’s magnificent cathedral is one of the most beautiful gothic structures in the world, a stunning vision of towering spires, soaring arches, and intricate architecture. A fascinating structure, certain parts date back to the 11th century and the Norman Conquest, and a visit here is a must for any romantic honeymoon. Discover glorious stained glass windows, intriguing tombstones, and a fascinating treasury museum in the catacombs. If you relish a challenge (and aren’t afraid of heights!) try climbing the 275 steps to the top of the central tower for breathtaking views of the city below.

Go for a romantic stroll

York is the perfect city for a romantic stroll hand-in-hand with your partner. It is a small city, and easily walkable from end to end. Take a wander through the atmospheric Shambles, a medieval street lined with timber-framed buildings and beautiful shops, or just get lost in the hidden alleyways and courtyards of the city. Stroll along the river and have a picnic in one of the city’s lovely parks, and finish your day off with a full circumnavigation of the magnificent city walls.

Indulge in some retail therapy

York is a shopper’s paradise, so take the opportunity to indulge yourself and enjoy a little retail therapy. From fascinating souvenir shops to high-end fashion, and even a dedicated sword shop, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Stay in a luxury hotel

York boasts some of the best boutique and luxury hotels in England, so make sure you treat yourself and try the best that Yorkshire hospitality has to offer. From the birthplace of the notorious Guy Fawkes, who attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, to the former headquarters of the North Eastern Railway, there are some fabulous spots to stay and some wonderful experiences to try.


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