One of the unwritten rules of friendship is to make our friends feel loved on their birthdays, and birthday cards for friends allow you to do this adequately. When writing wishes and messages on birthday cards for friends, you want to ensure that you make your friends feel the love and appreciation that you have for them. The best way to do this is by scribbling thoughtful messages on the birthday card. If you are too busy for this or cannot find the right words to do this, you should opt for personalized birthday cards for friends on Boomf.

Friends are very important in our lives. There is always a helpful friend that gives you advice, a funny one that cracks you up all the time, and one that you vent to when you are frustrated. You could also have a childhood friend that you have known since you were small and the friend at work that lightens all the work stress. The point is there is something that makes every friend special and you want to make sure you add that special touch to the things you write in the birthday cards for your friend.

Components of an Ideal Birthday Wishes for Friends

An ideal text for your friend’s birthday card must cut across certain lines or emotions. The text must make your friend feel appreciated, unique, and loved.

1.      Show your appreciation

When you think about your friend, what are the things you are grateful for? How have they helped you since you became friends and why are they so important in your life? You may want to answer these questions in the birthday card for your friend.

2.      Emphasize their uniqueness

You need to figure out what makes this friend different from your other friends. What are the personal jokes or experiences that you share with this person and if you can describe them in a few words, how will you describe them? The answer to these questions helps you show their uniqueness

3.      Express your love

This is an equally important aspect of your birthday message to your friend. If you love them like family, tell them in the birthday message.

Ideas for Birthday Wishes for Friends

  • Happy birthday, dear friend! Thanks for being an amazing supporter all these years. Have a great one!
  • Dear friend, happy birthday to you! You have a wonderful way of making my problems go away and I hope you have a stress-free age.

Friends are one of the most important people in our lives, people as close as family, who we choose ourselves, and who choose us, which makes this bond even more special. Friends are not to be taken for granted, so use this occasion and birthday card for friends to tell them how happy you are to have them.

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