Being competitive is a great quality to have. Possessing the drive to succeed and the love of a good game are attributes that can’t be overvalued. What’s even better though, is having a partner who shares that competitive streak too. If you’re planning a date for you and your partner then could there be anything better than a whole day where competition is king? Thankfully, York has lots of opportunities for testing your mettle. You could head out for a round of bowling and follow it up with an afternoon at York racecourse, before finishing off the evening at the York Best Casino as the perfect way to end a successful day of sparring. Whoever won at the races can pay for a few rounds on the slot machines to see who’ll leave the date victorious. If you can’t decide on a winner at the casino, then you can always head home and make use of some of the more competitive offers to be found online. Oddschecker has compiled a list of all of the casino bonuses available to UK customers so that you can get that little bit more bang for your buck. If this sounds like your idea of a dream date, then read on for some extra details.

Become The Bowling Master

There are plenty of great fun activities to do in York but for the truly competitive the only way to start a date is with a game. The Hollywood Bowl just outside York is a great place to begin because, not only is there bowling, but there are plenty of other games too. You can play on any of their 24 lanes for as little as £6 per adult per game, making this a super affordable choice. Once you’ve battled it out at the bowling alley, you can have a look at what their in-house arcade has to offer. Those who are quick on their feet might suggest a dance-off on the retro dance mat machines, or if you consider yourself more of a speed demon, you could strut your stuff on a racing game. After exhausting all of the gaming options, there’s a full bar that’s decked out in a super kitsch American diner style that offers delicious drinks as well as plenty of decadent food options.

Back The Winning Horse

Watch the horses tear up the turf at York racecourse

York has one of the prettiest racecourses in England and where better to spend an afternoon than betting on the horses? Check beforehand that there’ll definitely be a meeting on the day of your date and, if there is, you’re all good to go. There are various different options for tickets, but a simple day pass is enough to enjoy the races, gain access to the grandstand, and be able to place a bet. Sometimes a fun way to create the competition is to have a stake of one pound per race and see who can turn it into the most money. Otherwise, you could simply keep a tally of the horse that you pick to win and see who chooses the most winners. However you organise the competition is up to you and, with two competitive brains to work with, you can get as creative as you’d like!

Decide On The Champion

Once the horse racing is over, you might already have your champion chosen. If somebody won at bowling, horse racing and maybe a few rounds on the dance mat then perhaps it’s time to call it a night and go home. However, if you’re both neck and neck and need a tie-break activity, then there’s still plenty of competition to be had in York after dark. The York Best Casino is a good place to finish up if you both enjoy casino style gaming or, as we mentioned before, you could head home and try the same style of games online. However, if you’re still feeling energised and want to get moving then Play House could be a great choice. This bar is still relatively new to York but is making a big splash with all kinds of different games and excellent deals on drinks too. Play House offers table tennis, air hockey and pool, as well as a selection of arcade games. The staff here will make you feel right at home as you battle it out with your partner.


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