York is rich in history and culture and full of unique places to visit. From ancient ruins to modern museums, there are many reasons why everyone should visit here.

But if you love coffee and want great caffeinated beverages to go with your sightseeing, you will definitely enjoy visiting the best coffee shops in town.


I have compiled an article about the best coffee shops in York, for you.

For all the details, read below.

1.                Gatehouse Coffee

Gatehouse Coffee is an excellent choice for those who visit York as it’s across the road from the Castle Museum. Moreover, this area is famous for its beautiful old buildings and historic streets.

If that wasn’t enough, the cafe has an open terrace to see York town’s ancient beauty.

If you’re looking for a unique coffee shop, this might be what you were searching for. Even though it may seem like an unusual location for coffee and breakfast, this coffee house offers a delicious menu of options. Also, if you are a coffee fanatic, you can see sipcoffeehouse.com and read reviews of different coffees and coffee shops.  

Gatehouse coffee’s staff are amicable and will ensure your experience is enjoyable. The cafe has free WiFi as well.

Popular menu:

  • Panini sandwich.
  • Homemade soup.
  • Freshly baked pie.
  • Lemon cake.

2.                Spring Espresso

Spring Espresso is one of the best places to get coffee in York. Their coffee is fantastic, and you will feel like you stepped out of a movie when you walk into their shop. But reviews suggest that their Flat White was amazing.

They know exactly what types of beans are suitable for each order and the flavors of everything always turn out beautiful. Also, they serve delicious chai tea, which is perfect after a long hike through the city.

Popular menu:

  • Avocado Toast.
  • Overnight Oats.
  • Granola Bowls.
  • American Pancakes.
  • Flat White.
  • Mocha Coffee.
  • Classic Americano.

3.                Drift-In Cafe

Drift-In Cafe is a great place to study or work in York. It has an entirely different atmosphere than other coffee shops. The cafe’s beach theme, with surfboard decor and weathered wood floors and walls, makes it a great place to relax or work.

This one among many of York’s best cafes offers a healthy menu with fresh juices and green smoothies. You can also find wraps, grilled sandwiches here, and a wide selection of salads.

Drift-In Cafe is safe for those who are vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free. Try the black cherry and vanilla ice cream or the gruyere cheese-sauteed mushroom crepe.

This cafe seems to have everything. Delicious artisanal coffee drinks, delicious treats, hearty sandwiches, nutritious salads, and refreshing smoothies are all served with a smile.

Drift-In Cafe is a great place to study or work. The space is bright and airy, and the tables are set out, so you don’t feel cramped.

4.                Brew and Brownie

A great place to get baked goods and other treats. They offer excellent coffee drinks, quality loose leaf teas, and delicious baked goods. Each season, the menu changes accordingly, and the ingredients are sourced from local farmers and suppliers.

The American pancake stack with bananas, salted caramel, and golden syrup is an excellent choice for something sweet. The eggs royale with poached eggs and smoked salmon over fresh sourdough is highly recommended. Sandwiches and soups made from scratch are great for lunch.

You should make sure you have room for dessert. You can rotate the baked selection, which is always fresh. For example, try the Victoria sponge cake, salted caramel brownie, and lemon crumble shortbread.

5.                DYLS

One of the best coffee shops York has to offer for riverside views. DYLS offers a beautiful riverside view from the Skeldergate Bridge.

This patio is a great spot for afternoon sun and watching rowers on their narrow boats glide by. At the bridge’s entrance, you will find a circular building. As you climb the spiral staircase, you will feel almost like you are in a mini castle.

If you are looking for more than just coffee and pastries, DYLS is a good choice. The bar has a full menu and is an excellent choice for evening cocktails. You can choose vegan blueberry overnight oatmeal, smashed avocado toast, or homemade brioche French Toast with many toppings.

If you’re in the mood for something lighter, try the goulash soup or Croque madame.

The red velvet latte and turmeric spiced hot cocoa are good options for a quick cup of coffee. Of course, you can always find fresh baked goods at the bakery, so make sure you ask about what’s available.

cafes in york city centre


6.                Robinsons

York‘s best coffee shop for brunch. Robinson’s coffee shop is located on trendy Bishy Road. This coffee shop is sometimes referred to as “Notting Hill of York.”

Wills and Bex, the owners, are known for their excellent coffee and what is undoubtedly the best brunch in York.

Like many other York coffee shops, Robinson’s is an independent family-run café with a relaxed vibe. The coffee shop is very popular with both locals and tourists. On weekends, you’ll often see people waiting outside.

Bex was previously a chef in a Michelin Starred establishment. They use only local ingredients and meats and vegetables straight from Bishy Road. The American pancake stacks are highly recommended if you are stopping by for brunch.

They come with toppings such as maple syrup, bananas, caramel sauce, streaky bacon, maple syrup, and berry compote. If you prefer something more savory, you might like the sweetcorn fritters or the Turkish eggs.

7.                Stanley & Ramona

York’s most adorable coffee shop, Stanley & Romana, is a charming little coffee shop in York. It is owned and operated by Val and Emma Carr, a mother and daughter team.

This adorable and cozy establishment was taken over by the duo in mid-2017. They have been serving great coffee and delicious cakes ever since. Unfortunately, the coffee shop is small and it can hold only a small number of people.

This makes it a cozy space perfect for friends and family to meet up. You can also take advantage of the outdoor seating area to watch the world go by on Bishy Road on a sunny day.

This York coffee shop’s blackboards include handy diagrams showing the different coffees offered. After you place your order, your coffee will be carefully assembled over the wooden counter.


Stanley & Romana offers a wide range of delicious cakes and sandwiches. Emma makes all of the sweet treats, including the almond, lemon, and polenta cakes and brownies.

8.                The Dark Horse Espresso Bar

This is the best coffee shop for Al Fresco dining. This coffee shop is unique in York. Laura and Mark, who own the coffee shop in a unique horsebox in the Shambles Market, have developed a healthy homemade menu that reflects their love for good coffee. 

Laura was born in York and raised there. However, Mark is originally from Australia, so she lived for over a decade in Sydney. They decided to bring their love of Australia back to the UK by starting a coffee shop.

This York horsebox coffee shop is a great spot to grab a quick bite or a cup of hot coffee while you explore the bustling Shambles Market. They have a great selection of coffee, and they also offer delicious ANZAC biscuits and banana bread. To make their products even more unique, they spent a lot of time searching for the best local suppliers.

9.                Coffee Culture

York’s best coffee shop for hangout with friends. Coffee Culture, a slightly skewed coffee shop built on several floors in the typical York style, is a great place to meet up with friends over a good cup of coffee. This independent York coffee shop is a true gem. It occupies a unique space in a building that feels old on Goodramgate.

The coffee shop’s entire interior is connected by windy, unevenly arranged staircases that give it the feeling of being quite historical.

Most importantly, Coffee Culture is passionate about coffee. They source it from York Coffee Emporium in the area and a house blend with two guests. These three coffee blends can be made into espresso drinks and other coffee drinks for one or two.

10.          Crumbs Cupcakery

York’s best coffee shops if you love cupcakes along with your coffee. Crumbs Cupcakery offers a different approach to other York coffee shops. This York coffee shop specializes in cupcakes. It is a beautiful place to discover the world of cakes.

Crumbs Cupcakery was founded and is run by twins Jennifer and Charlotte Davison. They are passionate about baking and making the best-iced cupcakes. This York coffee shop is ideally located just a stone’s throw from York Minster.



If you live in York, you are incredibly lucky but you are no less lucky if you are about to visit York soon. These are, without doubt, the best coffee shops in York. Every spot offers delicious espresso and tasty treats. Try to cover all the cafe’s one by one and have a great taste of the unique coffees of York.





















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